Artificial Turf and Sports are perfect together

Artificial turf and sports are great together. This is a low maintenance way to keep a playing field look great. Artificial turf has been used in the sports world since the 1960s and is still popular. This field is easy to take care of and will allow the field to look good at all times. 


 Synthetic turf is durable and is resistant to heavy foot traffic. Players are running and falling all the time. Natural grass will be torn up in no time. The fake turf will be able to stand up to this and will not be ruined. Real grass will take weeks to recover while artificial turf is ready to go. It will take a long time for the grass seed to take root and during this time the field will not be able to be used. This can cost a player time and practice. 

 Looks Great all the Time

 Artificial turf will always look good with little to no maintenance. Natural grass changes color and can become dull. Synthetic grass looks green all year and does not have to be watered. The grass will always be the same cold and hold their textures no matter what the weather conditions are.

 Natural grass needs a lot of care. It needs to be cut and the lengths of the blades will frequently change. The entire grass needs to have a uniformed length for the safety of the players and for regulation for the sport. 

 Resistant to Bacteria

 Bacteria is not able to live on artificial turf. These surfaces have an antibacterial coating. If a player gets cut during the game they will not have to worry about an infection. 

 Environmentally Friendly 

 Artificial turf does not harm the environment. It does not need to be watered and chemical fertilizers are never need. The turf does not need to be watered so this will save hundreds of gallons each year on watering alone. This is great in areas where drought is a serious problem. No water will be wasted and the field will stay looking lush and green .

 Outdoor sports fields needs to be treated for weed growth. Fertilizers are bad for the environment and high levels are needed to keep the field clean and safe. Run off from the field can also be toxin and get into streams and other nearby bodies of water. Artificial turf cannot grow weeds and there is no need to put any chemicals on them. 

 These of some of the most important reasons why it is better to use artificial turf for a field. Artificial turf and sports were made for each other. There are many benefits to using artificial turf on a sports field. The artificial turf does not need to be maintained. The team can take pride when they play a home game. Their field look always look uniformed and in good condition. They will not have to worry about the upkeep on their field or having a field that is looking shabby. 

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